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Hale Farm and Village is a historic property of the Western Reserve Historical Society in Bath Township, Summit County, Ohio, United States. It is within the boundaries of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Images within this gallery are not available for download or for reproduction.

Photographer's note: the images in this gallery were shot with a full spectrum camera. 720nm and 590nm filters were used for B&W.
EntranceCarriage ManufactoryCarriage Manufactory B&WFirst Settlement CabinFirst Settlement Cabin B&WFirst Settlement Cabin OuthouseFirst Settlement Cabin (2)Hale Farm - First Settlement Cabin (2) B&WEmerson Brantingham BoilerEmerson Brantingham Boiler B&WChurchChurch B&WGoldsmith HouseGoldsmith House B&WHale Farm - Goldsmith House_October 05, 2020_6Goldsmith House (2) B&WGoldsmith House - Interior (1)Goldsmith House - Interior  (2)Goldsmith House - Interior (3)Hale Farm - Goldsmith House - Interior_October 02, 2020_6

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