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Dan Maly(non-registered)
Wonderful photography. A great visual escape.
Arlette Coulter(non-registered)
Wonderful Photographs!!!
What happened at the parade, we never saw you and Cindy again? I love your photography... Thanks for sharing!
I met you on a hike in Escalante. We talked about camera lenses. Your work is beautiful!
Infrared album is the best in your gallery, I'm really glad that I found your site :)
Michael Shake(non-registered)
Really amazing photography and such a diverse collections. I am very impressed by your art!
Karen Meinert(non-registered)
Hi Bill,
Wow - Such beautiful work!! Thanks for sharing your amazing collection.
Scott sent me the link to your site yesterday. Looks like you are really enjoying nature and your retirement years!
Scott Graham(non-registered)
Bill, I finally had a chance to check out your web site and photos. Wow! Fantastic photos. You have captured many stunning images of our world. It was good to see you recently on the RTA rapid train after the Cav's game Monday!
You've got some very beautiful images here. Had no idea you'd been so many places.
Mike Chen(non-registered)
Gorgeous pictures, Bill! It was a pleasure tiger shooting with you today. You are very modest and talented- keep up the great work.
Brad Linscott(non-registered)
You have a very beautiful collection of photographs. You must have done a lot of traveling and photography work to capture such an extensive variety of subjects. I'm impressed!
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