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Springtime in the GardenWater Lily - Nymphaea Hybrid - BlueDay Lily (Red)Day Lily (Yellow)Water Lily with Frog and FishLily - Lilium Tiny Nanny with BeeWater (violet) Lily With HoverflyWater Lily (white) with BeeWhite DaisiesHibiscus Malvaviscus Aroreus (2)Hibiscus Malvaviscus Aroreus (1)Slipper OrchidBeallara Big Shot "Hilo Sparkle" (1) - OrchidBrassia - Spider OrchidCattleya OrchidPaphiopedilum - Slipper OrchidMoth Orchid (white) - Phalaenopsis -Pink Moth OrchidOrchid - Laelia AncepsWhite Moth Orchid - Phalaenopsis

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